4 Powerful Web Design Tips To Improve Your Website

4 Powerful Web Design Tips To Improve Your Website

Web design is a complicated subject. It’s not just about choosing a background visual for your site or throwing in content to fill it up, it more than that. Depending on your goal, most if not all entrepreneurs who are contemplating about building a website and having it designed want two things, one, to increase website traffic and two, to convert visitors into paying customers.

If your current website isn’t performing well, if it isn’t giving you the website traffic you were hoping for and if your sales are taking a nosedive, you might want to consider these 4 powerful web design tips and apply it on your site. Trust us, in just a matter of days; you will see a radical turnaround in your business.

Let’s start!

Tip#1: Make your website accessible across all devices.

If you want to widen your readership, you have to make your website accessible on all devices. You see, your visitors aren’t just using desktop computers to access your website. They could be accessing it from a smartphone, a music player, a watch or a tablet. Therefore, you need to step up your game and create a design that would make it easier for them to access what they need from you regardless of the type of device they are using.

Tip #2: Your navigation has to be clear.

No matter how amazing your web design is, if a visitor is having trouble navigating through your site, there’s a big chance they will abandon it. What do you need to do? Keep your navigation clear and simple. If you can find the simplest structure, go for it. No one likes complication. The last thing a visitor wants is getting lost. Keep it clear by ensuring that navigations are present and keep it consistent not just for the landing page but on all pages. The less clicks to get what they want, the better.

Tip #3: Visited links should have varying colors.

Are you aware that links are important in navigation? If the colors of visited links don’t change, it can cause the visitor to revisit the same page over and over and this can be exasperating. It is essential that they know where they are and where they are going, which is why you need to vary the colors to make it easier for them to choose where to go next.

Tip #4: Make sure all links are working.

Nothing can be more frustrating than clicking on links expecting to find what you came to that site for only to get disappointed because the links aren’t working. You have to understand that people’s attention span is short and limited so if you can’t give them what they are looking for, they’ll get discouraged and abandon your site. For example, if a visitor expects to read a blog and clicks on a link but instead they get a 404 Error response, what do you think they would do? You guessed it right. They will leave. Don’t let this simple mistake happen to your site. Double check all links and make sure they are all working.

We live in a fast-paced world where we want everything to be given to us in the soonest possible time. The need for fast and convenient service is apparent which is why as business owners; you have to ensure that you are giving your visitors the best possible user experience. These 4 useful web design tips are a good start so you can provide your customers the convenience they are looking for. Remember that your competitors are doing everything they can to make sure their traffic is increasing day by day. You must do the same, in fact, you must think ahead and outshine them and you can do that by improving your web design and making sure you incorporate these tips on your to enhance user experience.

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