4 Website Tips That Will Boost Your Sales

4 Website Tips That Will Boost Your Sales

Why does your business need a website? It’s no secret that billions of people are using the Internet to research and to shop. The inception of online shopping is revolutionary because people no longer have to go anywhere to get what they want. Food, clothing, perfumes, costumes, toys – you name it, the Internet has it. Literally everything can be bought online, which is why businesses are making every effort to create persuasive websites because they know that with it comes a lot of potential sales.

A website helps improve and grow your business by attracting customers. If you haven’t built a website yet, now is your chance. But here’s the thing, a website is not an assurance that all will go well. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t give any guarantees but when it’s done right, it will significantly grow your business and your earning potential. Attracting customers and generating leads are important but all these are nothing if these leads don’t convert into paying customers. Therefore, you have to be strategic when building and designing your website.

We’ve gathered 6 clever website tips that are guaranteed to boost your sales in a short amount of time. Read on.

Tip#1: Think about color.

You don’t just pick a color just because it looks nice. When it comes to business, you have to study the effect every color has on your visitors. Take Perform-able as an example. They change the color of their call-to-action button from a glaring green to a burning red and with that minor change in color, their conversions increased up to twenty-one percent! Another example is Pit Apparel when they decided to change the color of their call-to-action button from green to yellow resulting to a conversion rate that increased by up to six percent. Before you choose a color, study your target audience. When you’re marketing to women it’s best that you focus on colors like green, purple and blue but when you’re targeting men, focus on black, green and blue. The least attractive colors are brown and orange so you might want to steer clear from those.

Tip#2: Make use of videos.

Studies show that product videos are powerful as it leads to a boost in sales and conversions. Most companies take advantage of videos to share their stories in a creative and interactive way. It’s also a faster way to explain what your business is all about rather than have them read blocks of text.

Tip#3: Ease in navigation.

You have to keep in mind that your website is not a treasure hunt. You have to assume that people who are visiting your site came there for a purpose, they want answers and they want solutions fast. If you can’t give it to them on the first five seconds of their browsing experience, they will get frustrated and ultimately abandon your site. Make sure that all relevant information is placed strategically above the fold. Don’t let your clients scroll endlessly on your page just so they can find what they came to your site for. Make it clear, simple and easy to navigate.

Tip#4: Use trust symbols.

Trust symbols help strengthen your credibility. With a lot of scammers online, people are becoming more and more wary about whom to trust. Adding trust symbols on your site such as PayPal’s certification logo and badges from Yelp will make your visitors feel secure and they would likely do business with you. It also helps if you include testimonials and reviews from previous customers who had great experiences with your products and services.

Tip#5: Provide free offers.

Free offers always get attention. Anything that’s for free catches the eye. If you want to use bait, provide free offers but make sure that it’s meaningful and has value. It could be a free ebook, a free session or a sample tester.

Tip#6: Keep your website clean.

Too many visuals can be distracting. If you think adding more images on your site is a good thing, you are wrong. As a matter of fact, instead of convincing visitors to convert to paying customers, you are only driving them away. Keep your site clean, crisp and simple. Trust us, the fewer the images, the higher chances they’ll likely convert.

Websites will always be here as long as technology exists. It is important that you keep your site up-to-date to increase your leads, boost your conversion rates and consequently, grow your business.

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