5 Qualities of a Great Website

5 Qualities of a Great Website

Do you ever wonder why we put so much thought in creating and designing websites? There’s no denying that our generation today has become so dependent on technology, particularly the World Wide Web. Do you notice that before you purchase a particular product or avail of a service the first thing you do is Google them? Find what others are saying about them online? Read about reviews and what experiences previous customers have had with them? And more often than not, before we go into the nitty-gritty of research, what we basically do is we visit their website to know more about them, what they have to offer, when they started the business and so much more. It’s safe to say that we have the tendency to gauge a business’ credibility based on their website.

When you’re in business, you have to ensure that your website is perfectly presented online. Competition is fierce and in a sea of websites inundating the web, it can be quite challenging to make your website standout. How do you do it? How do you convince people to choose you? You see, a website is the gateway for your visitors. When your website is poorly designed, it’s as if you are hanging a “CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE” sign on your doorway causing visitors to make a 180-degree turn. Yes, that’s how it is in the virtual world. If you can’t impress them with your site, visitors will always have that assumption that you can’t satisfy them with what you have to offer. Therefore, it is important that you make sure your website is designed and created right. How will you know if it’s designed and created right

Here are five qualities of a great website you need to know about so you can adjust your site from being a good site to a great site.

1. It should be well designed and functional.

Keep in mind that your website is reflection of your brand and your business as a whole. Therefore, it is important that your website is designed to be visually attractive. It should look professional and sophisticated. Make sure that you include white space and that you organize your layouts. It also helps if you only include high quality photos and graphics. It’s also important that you proofread all content before they go live. First impression will always last so you have to make a good first impression.

2. It should be easy to navigate.

Do you know what you and your visitor have in common? You’re always in a hurry and so are they. If they visit your site, they expect to see what they came to your site for and if you can’t give them that in the first few seconds of their browsing experience, they will get discouraged and leave. To make your site easy to navigate, do away with complicated designs and keep it simple. You should also have a hierarchy on what’s important, what tabs they will likely click first. Your website should cater to searchers and browsers; searchers are those who have a specific product or service in mind and browsers are just there to look.

3. Optimize your site for mobile use.

If your site looks distorted on a laptop, iPad or a smartphone then that means you’ve already lost potential customers. Do you know why? Sixty percent of online searches are coming from mobile devices so if they can’t access or navigate your site from the device they are using, they will leave. Therefore, if you are serious about attracting customers, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

4. You offer quality content.

Sure, the first thing that catches the eye is the visuals but if your website does not have premium quality content then all you are attracting are first-time visitors and no repeat customers. When building a website, always aim to offer fresh and unique content. The content must speak directly to your target audience. Know about their preferences, their likes and the things that fascinate them and talk about it because doing so will keep them coming back for more. In fact, they may even share your blogs on their social media pages and recommend you to their friends and family.

5. Create a clear call to action.

The whole point of your website is to get customers to take action, right? You’re not just building a site for no reason at all. So, it makes sense if you make it clear what you want them to do. Don’t make your customers go around in circles trying to figure out what step to take next. You have to create a clear call to action such as inviting them to share or read your articles, follow you on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to your mailing list and many more.

Your website is you, your business, your brand. Don’t just put up a website for the sake of it. Put up a site that really depicts who you are as a business owner. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to remember the qualities that make a great website and apply it on yours.

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