Super Cool Web Design Tips For Beginners

Super Cool Web Design Tips For Beginners

When designing a website, you have to take into account user experience. This is perhaps one of the most important things you have to really ensure when building and designing a website. You see, a poorly designed website creates confusion, stirs frustration and evokes exasperation. A visitor, instead of frequenting your website, would abandon it and there’s not a chance they will revisit it and neither will they recommend it to their family and friends.

Even if you don’t regard yourself as the creative type, you can still be able to create an appealing website designed to give your visitors the best browsing experience. If you are unsure what to do, you have come to the right place. Below are useful tips that will help beginners design a super cool website that will attract customers to your site.

Firstly, don’t complicate the fonts. It can be tempting to play around with different font styles and sizes but going overboard may backfire on the overall look of your site. The more fonts you incorporate, the more confusing and chaotic it will look. We suggest you keep it to no more than three font styles. Find one for your headers, another for the body of your content and a different one for your call-to-action. Some businesses choose to stick to just one font style for uniformity and that is completely fine! Just remember, when choosing a font style, select the one that is legible.

Secondly, pick out the best colors. How do you know which colors to choose? First of all you have to think about cohesiveness. The same principle applies to choosing font styles, when it comes to colors; it’s best if you stick to a color scheme. Don’t think of your website as a sketch pad where you can just throw in any color you want. That’s not how it works. Three colors are enough to make your brand known. Choose a primary color for your logo and come up with two other colors for your online tools. You can check out Coolors and to help you find the best colors for your site. It’s also best if you keep all call-to-action buttons on a similar shade so your visitors can easily recognize it.

Thirdly, make friends with white space. Imagine a house filled with all kinds of wallpapers on all corners – floral prints, Aztec and abstract. Each one is beautiful on its own but when you combine it altogether it becomes an eyesore. When it comes to designing websites, white space is essential as it enhances all the other features of your site. Filling it up with designs will blot out the more important features like your call-to-action button. When you leave a white space on your site, you are actually drawing visitors to focus on the features of your site. Besides, white space will make your website look more organised and clean.

Website design doesn’t have to be complicated. All you really need are key principles to guide you on how to make your site look appealing to your customers. By following these web design tips, you can be certain that your website traffic will significantly increase in no time.

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