How Web Design Attracts Customers

How Web Design Attracts Customers

Whether you’re selling food, clothes, textiles, jewelry or bags, your business needs a website. You see, gone are the days when people would actually leave the house to buy stuff. This rarely happens these days because everything, literally everything, can be bought online. Why would you waste money on gas, spend energy walking around the mall when you can just as easily purchase an item with just a few clicks of your mouse? The invention of online shopping is truly revolutionary! This is the reason why businesses are aggressively marketing and advertising on the World Wide Web because they know billions of users are into online shopping.

The question is where do you start? Your first step is to build a website. Your website is an online representation of your business. It’s the one place potential customers visit to get to know your business, get a feel of your brand and learn about the products and services you have in store for them. However, it’s not enough to build just any website. Sure, if you do your research you will likely find a lot of available platforms that offer to create a website for you. Some even offer them free of charge but when it comes to creating a business website, it is simply not enough to choose just any platform because remember, your main goal is to attract visitors and converting them into paying customers as soon as possible. You have to ensure that the platform you use is one that will benefit your business in the long-term. Unless you do scrupulous research, you won’t know which platform is best for your business. This is the part where you’ll need a professional web developer.

Another important thing that impacts your visitors is the design of your website. How you design your website is a make or break deal for your business. If it’s designed poorly, you won’t be able to attract customers but when it’s designed to capture the attention of visitors, there’s a very big chance they’ll convert into paying customers and that’s what every business owner wants for their business because customers means sales. How then can you design a website that attracts customers?

The following are some important points to help you create an awesome web design for your site.

1. Start by choosing a color scheme.

Figure out the color scheme for your brand and stick to it. Don’t keep on changing your color scheme because it will only stir up confusion. You have to give this some serious thought because the colors that you choose will represent your business and your brand and that’s how your customers will identify you. To help you decide, we suggest you find a theme that is unique, one that other competitors aren’t using. When you’ve decided on a color scheme, use it across all your branding plans.

2. As much as possible, use your own visuals and photos.

Although it’s easier to choose stock photos online, if you want to create a bigger impact and leave a lasting impression on your visitor, we suggest you create your own photos to make it more realistic. It’s an added bonus if you use a higher resolution camera with the right lighting. It makes the pictures look more alive. If you want to stand out, use your own photos.

3. Be direct to the point.

As soon as visitors land on your site, it has be your mission to keep them engaged and interested. How do you do that? Make sure your landing page is on point. You see, in most cases a visitor would only stay for a few seconds just to check out your site so it is very important that you show them what your site is all about by being direct to the point. Avoid using descriptions that are too long. In this fast paced world where people are always in a hurry, you’d want to keep your site simple and fast. Give them all the answers on the first 1/3 of your page. Show them what they came to your site for because if they can’t find the answers in the first few seconds while on your site, they will likely leave and abandon it.

Web design is just as crucial as web development. The aesthetic appeal of your site is a huge factor in converting visitors into customers. You have to get it right if you want to grow your business.

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